Julia's German Stammtisch - The Best Schnitzels in Town!
Here are a few more of our delicious dishes that you will find on Julia's German Stammtisch menu.
**Please note - All our dishes are made from scratch.  All the ingredients that Julia uses today in her dishes are the same ingredients she has been using since my brother and I were children.

2019 Take out menu.pdf (PDF — 450 KB)

Breaded Pork Schnitzel with German Potato Salad.
(this is our basic dish. You can also order this as Veal.)

Double Decker with your choice of side.
Cheesy JagerSchnitzel with Potato Salad.
(this is one of our very own creations.)
This wonderful salad comes with our large entrees
but if you want something light you can order the
large German style salad. This salad is served on
a bed of lettuce and consists of marinated beets,
green beans and cabbage and a tomato to top it
all off with.  Drizzled over everything is Julia's
secret dressing.
German Cheesecake
Chocolate Butter Creme Torte

Be sure to try Julia's Butter Creme Tortes.  She offers
a variety of favors, but only make a few flavors per week.
Julia's desserts are so wonderful, so amazingly moist, and
so creamy that they do not last long!

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